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In a Word


239,00 kr
Yes: In a Word

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Yderligere information
Varenummer 0081227990183
Kunstner Yes
Titel In a Word
Medie CD
Antal enheder 5
Genre Rock
Album Type Greatest Hits album
Udgivelsesår 2002
Tracks Cd - 1
Every little Thing
Sweet Dreams
Astral Traveller
Time and Word
Dear Father
Yours is no disgarce
Perpetual Change
Starship Trooper:
a) Life Seeker
b) Disillusion
c) Wチrm
I've seen all good People
a) Your move
b) All good People
Cd - 2
South Side of the Sky
Heart of the Sunrise
Close to the Egde
1) The solid time of change
2) Total mass retain
3) I get up I get down
4) Seansons of Man
The revealing Science of god...
Cd - 3
Siberian Khatru
Long Distance runaround
The Gates of delerium
To be over
Going for the One
Turn of the Century
Wonderous Stories
Don't kill the Whale
Release, release
Arriving Ufo
Cd - 3
Never done before
Machine Messiah
Tempus Fugit
Owner of a lonely Heart
It can happen
Leave it
Hold on
Love will find a Way
Holy Lamb (Song Harmonic convergense)
Brother of Mine
a) The big Dream
b) Nothing can come between us
c) Long lost Brother of mine
First of Fire
I would have waited forever
Cd - 5
Lift me up
The Calling
I am waiting
Mind Drive
Open your Eyes
Universal Garden
Homeworld (The Ladder)
The Messenger
Last Train
In the Presence of
1) Deeper
2) Death of ego
3) True beginner
4) Turn around and remember
Pris 239,00 kr